• Race: High Elf
  • Class: Rogue
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Hair: Silver, short and sassy
  • Eyes: Bright aquamarine
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Deity: Desna

Physical Description

Keth is pale skinned, but not as pale as other elves due to amount of time that she spends outdoors.

She is on the tall side for a female elf, and is lithe and fit from climbing and running. 

Her short silver hair frames her face, softening her sharp features.

When not in armor she favors soft leather pants and a silk shirt with well worn and comfortable leather boots.  All of her clothes are fastened with ties, as experience has taught her that metal buckles are more likely to give her away when sneaking around. She has a soft woolen cloak that she often wears with the hood up to conceal her features; her aquamarine eyes and high elf cheekbones draw way more attention than she is comfortable with.


Keth was born into a Noble Elf family and is the middle of 5 children.  From an early age, she preferred to spend her time alone; her curious and energetic nature often getting her into trouble. It was an irresistible challenge to sneak into places she was not meant to be.  When she found herself in too much trouble in the village she would go into the forest, where she would climb the highest trees, walking out on the branches as far as she could go.

She would practice walking as quietly as possible; her goal being to sneak close enough to a forest creature to touch it.

The defining moment in her life came when she found an injured adventurer, a rogue, in the forest.  Knowing that her parents would not allow her any further contact with the stranger if she brought him back to the village, she hid him in the forest.  She would visit him daily with medicine and food that she snuck out of the village.

In return, and to relieve his own boredom, Gabriel told her tales of his adventures.  Her enthusiastic response led to him teaching her basic skills of picking pockets and escaping from rope bindings.  He also carried with him a lock and lock picks with which he honed his skills.  Never imagining for one moment the impact his teachings were having on Keth, Gabriel continued to share many of the secrets of his trade.

Gabriel healed from his wounds until finally he was ready to leave.  Keth told him that she was going to leave with him and that she would meet him the next day.  When she arrived, Gabriel was nowhere to be found.  At first Keth was devastated, but then she decided that she would try to find his trail and follow him.  She searched for hours, her path taking her further and further from home.  By nightfall, she had still not found any trace of him.  She spent the night on the forest floor with her cloak as a blanket.  She woke the next morning to guttural sounds that she had never heard before.  She leapt up only to find herself caught in the net of an Orc slaver. She struggled and tried to fight off her attacker but she was no match for his brute strength.  The Orc tied her hands and feet with ropes and dumped her in the back of his covered cart. After recovering from the shock of her capture, she began working at the knots of her bindings, just as Gabriel had taught her.

She heard and smelled the approaching city long before she saw any of it.  The alien odors and sounds were overwhelming, but nonetheless fascinating. The Orc stopped the cart in an alleyway and Keth took the opportunity to slip quietly away. She moved quickly and quietly until she was sure that she had put enough distance between her and her captor – and soon became hopelessly lost!  Realizing that higher ground would give her the best view, she spotted a tall building and soon found that climbing it was really no different from climbing trees back home.  As she reached the top of the building and looked out across the town, she forgot about her disappointment in Gabriel and the shock of her capture – here was where she would begin her own adventure!