One of two ancient empires responsible for the Twin Cataclysms that wiped out much of Filgaea's original civilization.

Invoked Devastation

After 103 years of conflict with the Karakans, the Kooluk Mages of Power called down the Invoked Devastation. It resulted in an apocalypse so complete that the details of its true form remain unknown.

The Great Migration

After the Twin Cataclysms, Kooluk refugees followed a confederation of tribes known as the Mordonians into the lands now known as Avernos. For more than two centuries, the Kooluk and Mordonians battled for conquest of Avernos. The Kooluk often lost, and eventually found themselves pushed to the periphery of Avernos.

The Founding of Toran

The most successful union of Kooluk and Mordos was the Kingdom of Toran, founded some 250 years after the Twin Cataclysms. Kooluk houses joined with Mordonian tribes and pledged themselves to the mutual protection and dominion of western Avernos.

Of all the kingdoms formed during those tumultuous years, only Toran remains.