Wyverns faintly resemble their distant true dragon cousins, but are much smaller and lack the forelegs of their larger kin. The two-legged lizards have sharp talons, and crocodile-like heads with red or orange eyes. Located in their long, flexible, cartilage-filled tails are deadly, poisonous scorpion-like stingers. They also have very large wings, but unlike true dragons, they do not have a breath weapon.

While usually solitary creatures, wyverns can occasionally gather together in flocks if they are serving a true dragon for some sinister purpose. Though incredibly aggressive, and not in possession of the higher intelligence of their distant kin, only young wyverns attack their own kind, and that is usually to show dominance or to establish territory.

Most wyverns are able to speak rough Draconic, but usually don't bother with anything more elaborate than a loud hiss or deep-throated growl, much like that of a bull alligator.