• Zixxywix-0
    Race: Rock Gnome
  • Class: Favored Soul/Warlock --> Eldritch Disciple
  • Age: 45 years old
  • Height: 3'2"
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Hair: Inky black
  • Eyes: Emerald green
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Deity: Aasterinian

Physical Description

Zixxywix Copperbolt has darkly tanned skin that takes on an almost coppery sheen in the sunlight, and emerald green eyes that are always twinkling with mischief. His slightly shaggy hair is inky black, and often pushed back out of his eyes by his ever-present gnomish tinker goggles that rest high on his forehead. While his hair often has a bit of a wild appearance, his short, pointy goatee is meticulously groomed, as is his carefully waxed curly-tipped moustache. He is of average size for a typical Rock Gnome, but he considers this to be the only average thing about himself.

Often going by Zixxy, Zix, or just Z for short, when not in armor, he prefers simple leather jerkins and high leather boots with shiny buckles. He is never seen without numerous packs, pouches, and cases affixed to his clothing (or armor), and he is constantly producing some gadget, gizmo, or runic text from one of his plethora of pockets. He keeps a light mace strapped to his side, though he rarely uses it.


Zixxywix comes from a hearty clan of Rock Gnomes who boast that they have the blood of a Copper Dragon named Shemzazii running through their veins, even going so far as to make sure every clan member’s name contains the word “copper” in it somewhere as a nod to their heritage. While most people scoff at this claim – generally dismissing it as exaggeration or an outright tall-tale – it is actually true. The dragon ancestor is at least ten generations past – far enough removed that none of his clan display any draconic features (other than the faint coppery sheen of their tanned skin in the sunlight) or possess any special abilities – but they do have a penchant for mischief and trickery, a well-known personality trait of the gleeful Copper Dragon. Zixxywix particularly excels in this area, considering himself a master prankster.

In addition to his practical jokes, Zixxywix is a skilled engineer and alchemist. Always tinkering with an invention or concocting a new mixture, he often applies his results to his mischief for a heightened affect. His philosophy when it comes to experimenting (both in engineering and in alchemy) is “Imma risk it!” usually followed by a fantastic explosion. Companions quickly learn that when he warns to “stand back,” he means it!

While most gnomes revere their racial deity, Garl Glittergold, Zixxywix was drawn to Aasterninan, the dragon prankster deity. Due to his devotion, she began to see him as one of her chosen (he is a Favored Soul), and she granted him the ability to cast spells through her power. He soon developed the ability manipulate and focus the raw energies around him, and he is now learning how to blend his spells with his eldritch energy. [This is the role-playing explanation for him multiclassing as a Favored Soul and a Warlock…we will get to that as we play.]